28 January – 30 July 2017

For the past three centuries, fashion has been affected by politics, social change and popular culture. Both men and women have used what they wear to indicate their status, comply with social expectations, attract or please a partner, or send a message about their own individuality.

Completing the Look: 300 Years of Fashion Accessories will examine how accessories fit into this. Featuring beautiful accessories dating from as early as 1720 up to the end of the 1970s, the exhibition will explore the reasons behind changes in fashion and what we can discover about the lives of people through what they chose to wear.

See Georgian heelless dancing shoes, Victorian bonnets, Edwardian fans,1920s beaded bags, 1950s fur stoles and 1960s headscarves. Discover the secret language of fans, the reaction to the very first top hat and the impact teenagers had on 20th century fashion.

A photo gallery of objects related to the exhibition can be seen on the Museum website – Click Here

The exhibition will open on Saturday 28 January and run until 30 July 2017.




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